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Lizzy Wright

Award-Winning Author of Memoirs & Novels



Aggressively Human

Could Steve Wright navigate the uneasy intersection between aggression and empathy without losing himself? The answer to this question determined the course of his NFL career and his life.


Steve spent over a decade taping his knuckles and preparing for battle with the Cowboys, Colts, and Raiders. It was all part of a day at the office along with blocking for some of the best in the game including Tony Dorsett, Bo Jackson, Eric Dickerson, and Marcus Allen. But his journey didn’t begin or end there.


In a world where masculinity is a moving target, Aggressively Human exposes a deeply personal quest to become a healthy, well-adjusted man and fully realized human being.

Nov 2023

Aggressively Human
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Book and Headphones



Marketed by Sports Illustrated as “America’s first test-tube athlete,” Todd Marinovich was a gifted child. The bond with his dad, unjustly labeled one of the “worst sports fathers” by ESPN, surpassed any parent’s dream.

After Todd’s meteoric rise to the NFL and blind-siding setbacks accompanying fame, he emerges as a man shaped by both glory and suffering with the scars of a loving warrior. 


As one of the most misunderstood professional athletes of a generation, Todd shares his truth in Bred to Be?

June 2025



The Saffron Spy

They say that spies never tell, but that’s not true. They find creative ways to speak their truth. After tracking Osama bin Laden and his direct reports for years, I  blend fact and fiction, bringing readers deep into the underbelly of deceit. 


The Saffron Spy, the first in an espionage trilogy, examines the precarious dance between women who threaten and women who protect the United States. It’s dangerous terrain exposing treacherous acts, unrequited love, self-doubt, and moral dilemmas. While immersed in a shadow world, this novel encourages readers to question ethical constructs as individuals, nations, and a global community. 


Lexi Boyd, a naïve CIA recruit, must stop one of the most misunderstood yet lethal terrorists of our time. Known only as Maman, the leader of an Iranian network won’t stop until America pays for its crimes. Lexi faces unfathomable decisions as she fights to protect her way of life, or so she’s led to believe. At every turn, unknown forces counter Lexi’s actions. Is she an instrument in the architecture of destruction? Questioning everything about her world, Lexi is left faithless in a system built on soft sand.


The Saffron Spy

About Lizzy Wright

Lizzy Wright’s life has been about taking risks and defying the odds. After decades of driving transformation for businesses and non-profits, she followed her heart into the enchanting world of storytelling.


Her education at Harvard and Georgetown and careers in intelligence and consulting honed a distinct analytical eye that enriches her writing. 

A lifelong athlete and adventurer, the ocean is Lizzy’s second home, where she contemplates character development and word choice in the surf lineup.


She lives her dream with her husband, former NFL athlete Steve Wright, in a laid-back enclave of Malibu, California.

​About Lizzy Wright

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Lizzy is an angel sent to write my story.

- Todd Marinovich, Former NFL Athlete


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